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Freshness & Innovation

This past weekend my family and I went to visit my parents and in-laws in northwestern Connecticut. I took my older son (aged 3.5 yrs) “Berry hunting.” We walked along the driveway and brush between the lawn and woods looking for ripe raspberries. Here he is showing off two of the wild Black Raspberries he found (and promptly ate):


Later that afternoon, we went to a party at a friend’s home where they had a large, cultivated raspberry bush. My son was in heaven! As was I. For me, nothing tastes more like summer than sun-warmed raspberries fresh off the vine.

Fortunately, I left room for dinner because the hostess served a salad using lettuce from her garden. Typically I feel fortunate to live in New York City, but when I taste fresh lettuce, just minutes from the garden (versus days for the lettuce at Whole Foods or hours (if I’m lucky) at the farmers’ market) I’m blown away. It actually has TASTE! And you can taste the difference between varieties of lettuce!!

So how does this tie in with Sprigsville and innovation? While I live in Manhattan, the Sprigs offices are upstate, closer in proximity (and environment) to northwestern Connecticut than NYC. I’ve noticed that we do some of our best work during the spring and summer. I attribute some of that to longer days filled with more sunshine and weather more conducive to the outdoor activities for which we make products, but I also attribute it to the foods we eat. After all, what goes in is what comes out – and if fresh foods go in, fresh ideas are bound to come out.

Of course, I could still be under the influence of fresh raspberries and lettuce, but I don’t think that’s it. What do you think? Leave a comment telling me I’m off-base or tell me your story and why you think I’m right.