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Hurricane Sandy: We’re Among the Lucky

Here at Sprigs, we were lucky. The worst that happened to any of us is one person lost power. She got it back before the end of the week; much quicker than many people in Long Island, Staten Island, and New Jersey, some of whom still do not have electricity, heat and running water. And let’s not ignore the people who lost loved ones. So, yeah, we were among the fortunate; very fortunate.

Sprigs donates products to victims of Sandy & the workers helping restore life

Laurie Naughton & Sprigs founder & CEO Val Viera load donated product

We are fortunate in another way as well. Many small businesses want to help with the restoration efforts in the region, but feel they cannot. Small businesses often work on a shoestring budget and do not have money to support such efforts. While we are not so fortunate that we have an unlimited supply of cash, we are fortunate to be a manufacturer of goods in high demand.

We chose to donate through a grass-roots organization helping the residents of Long Beach, New York – one of the hardest hit regions. We opted to work with a grass roots organization because they could get mittens on the hands of people needing them the very same day we made our donation. We chose Long Beach because as a company that started in New York, it holds a dear place in our hearts, but also because of a more pragmatic reason – we could get mittens on the hands of people rebuilding Long Beach the very same day we donated them.

To date we have donated:

Now that things have settled down a bit, it has become clear what we were able to do is just a drop in the bucket. People still desperately need blankets. If you are a blanket manufacturer, we call upon you to donate as much product as you reasonably can. If you manufacture fleece clothing and have excess fabric, cut it into 80″x90″ blankets and donate them. Finally, if you are with a grass roots organization in one of the effected areas and need gloves, mittens, hats or Earbags, contact us. Our ability to donate is not unlimited so we cannot make any promises, but we want to help as much as we can.


The Joy of Getting What You Want – What do You Want?

As the father of a three-year-old boy, I am constantly receiving little lessons. This weekend my son showed me the pure and absolute joy of getting something you really want – in this case, a Thomas & Friends Roundhouse and Turntable.

A little background:  my son is a really good boy. He is well behaved, sweet, sensitive, caring, smart, verbal and funny. He loves Thomas and Friends videos and toys. One of his favorite things to do is watch YouTube videos of people recreating or even creating new Thomas stories (user ThomasWoodenRailway is consistently a favorite.)

This weekend my wife stumbled upon a local boy who has outgrown the Thomas phase and was selling his tracks, trains and destinations. We bought a bunch of stuff including the Deluxe Roundhouse and Turntable which we gave my son when he awoke from his nap. He was THRILLED! So thrilled upon first seeing it all he could muster was a guttural laugh. He played with it for 2 hours straight and would have continued until he passed-out if it weren’t for us insisting he stop for dinner. And after dinner, well, let’s just say bedtime was not easy last night.

So what was the lesson I learned from this? The joy of getting something you really want and more importantly, having it live up to your expectations. At Sprigsville, we aspire to create innovative products that people will want to use, and more importantly, live up to their expectations.

With that in mind, I want to use this blog posting as an informal poll on what you want our next email newsletter special to be. Currently, we’re considering:

Leave a comment with your vote. And if you aren’t interested in any of these, feel free to suggest a different product – think of it as a write-in.