Many people will win one of our most popular products

Is imitation REALLY the sincerest form of flattery? Not when they lie to your face and then knock you off.

During the week of Outdoor Retailer Summer Market ’13, a major retailer/cataloger came to our booth, expressed interest in our products and asked for samples. Three weeks later when we follow-up with them, they say no thank you and that they “have a very similar product in development for 2014.”

I’m not going to name names because, well, this is a MAJOR company with a stellar reputation among consumers (but apparently dubious among industry insiders,) and I don’t want to bring their wrath down upon my employer.  Instead, we are giving you the opportunity to win the item they are knocking-off before they have a chance to sell it.

Here’s how:

  1. Browse our website at to see our items and guess which one they are knocking off.
  2. Guess the retailer/cataloger & product and either Tweet your answer to us @Sprigsville using the hashtag #WhoCopiedSprigs OR on our Facebook page

All correct entries between now and 11:59 PM EDT, Sunday August 18, 2013  or as supplies last win. It’s as simple as that. Guessing the brand will not gain you entry into a drawing. Guessing the brand will get you the product.


One response to “Many people will win one of our most popular products

  1. Go Small Family Run Business! Boo Corporate Thievery!

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