My First Product Photo Shoot

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to participate in a photo shoot of some of our soon-to-be-launched products. Having never done such a thing, I was nervous, but things went exceptionally well – mostly due to the talented photographer Ed Cody and our models Jessica and Thomas.

My day started with a train ride up the Hudson branch of the Metro-North Railroad. I’m pretty familiar with the first half of the New Haven line and very familiar with the Harlem line so it was actually a treat for me to take the Hudson line. As its name suggests, the line runs along the eastern shore of the Hudson river, offering some spectacular views. I was on a local so in transit for a little over an hour. Really, not a bad way to start the morning.

Jessica and Thomas were on the same train as I and we were met by my colleague Julie. She took us to our first location of the day – a yacht club on the Hudson. I was quite busy so I didn’t take many photos – well, I did, but there ended up being product in most of them and we’re keeping the new stuff under wraps. One image I did manage to take for this post was of the view from the front of the boat where we did a lot of shots:


As you can see, it was overcast, but Ed is a PRO and managed to really capture the feeling we were looking for as well as the products themselves. The chemistry between Jessica and Thomas also helped. But what really helped keep us on schedule? All of the planning and organization Julie and Val did before hand.

After shooting at the yacht club for a while we took a break where we got to all know each other more. Turns out Jessica and Thomas have a business called She and Wolf. They purchase up-scale designer jeans and convert them into maternity jeans. What a BRILLIANT idea. Check out their shop at Maternity Jeans or their Ebay Store.

Our next location was a running/walking trail. It was lovely, but the sun was stronger and the trees were causing some funky shadows. But, again, Ed is a professional and had the right tools to get some shots of our products in a different habitat. I found a few ripe wild raspberries and ate them right off of the vine. One of my favorite things about summer.

After that the other folks from the office met us at a restaurant on the river and we had a nice group dinner. I got home in time to talk about “The things we’re going to dream about,” with my three-and-half year-old son before he went to bed which was a great way to end a great day and I can’t wait to be able to use the photos we took yesterday.

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