In praise of small batches

I was making Swedish meatballs last night and I was inspired to post about our organic yoga clothing and accessories, more specifically our Organic Infinity Scarf. Odd connection right? Well, let me give a little back-story to explain how I got there.

I have a three-year-old son. Unfortunately he became a picky eater just after his second birthday, but one of the foods he will eat is Swedish meatballs (I think it’s the lingonberry jam aka “meatball-jam” in my house.) We discovered this while visiting my mother, who happens to be Swedish, and makes meatballs people rave about.

I was thrilled to have another protein to add to my son’s menu, so on the way home we stopped at Ikea and bought a bag of frozen meatballs. Later in the week I heated a few for my son and he gobbled them down. Over the next few months we went through the bag of meatballs. At some point my wife pointed out, Ikea probably does not use antibiotic-free meats like we purchase for everything else my son is potentially going to eat.

So I stopped buying the big bag of frozen, factory-made meatballs and emailed my mother for her recipe. I’ve made three or four batches now and, not to toot my own horn, the are GREAT! The flavor is better than the Ikea meatballs, but where they really stand-out is the texture.  So this got me thinking about the difference in quality between things mass-produced and those made in small batches. Then I started thinking about our products and our Organic Infinity Scarf.

Our Infinity Scarves are beautiful and people love them. The Organic Infinity Scarf is truly something wonderful this time of year. And it is one of those things that fit into the “small batches” category. The raw materials are grown within a few miles of the mill where they are spun into yarn, woven, cut and dyed. Because of this we can make, at most, only a few hundred at a time.

So that’s how I got from meatballs to organic clothing and accessories. I had fun writing this cerebral journey. I hope you had fun reading it.

So two questions:

  1. Who wants the recipe for the meatballs?
  2. What do you do in small batches that are better than mass-produced?

2 responses to “In praise of small batches

  1. 1. I totally want that meatball recipe…one can never have enough meatball recipes!
    2. maybe my job can count, I teach at an alternative high school – I teach very small classes…I def think my teaching style works best in “small batches”

    • sprigsandreas

      I agree with you about both never having too many meatball recipes and small classes. My life changed when I was put into smaller classrooms!

      Here you go Jen, enjoy:
      Farmor’s meatballs :

      1lb of meatloaf mix (veal, pork and beef)
      1/2 cup fine breadcrumbs
      1 egg
      1/4 cup milk or water
      1 small onion finely grated
      salt and white pepper to taste

      Ask if the meat can be ground extra fine. If not it’s still okay. In a bowl mix breadcrumbs, egg, water and grated onion. Let sit for 2 minutes to swell. Then add meat and mix well. Add salt and pepper (black will do if you do not have white) to taste.
      Wet hands and form into small meatballs. Fry in butter or margarine in a hot pan to brown. When you browned all return to pan and heat thru at medium/low heat until just done.

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