Why we choose a “Green Hosting” company for our website

Because it makes sense. Our hosting company, Site5, is competitive when it comes to cost/features/up-time/data-transfer etc. And they have good customer service, so for us it just made sense to pick a hosting company that strives to be environmentally friendly.

The environment is something we take seriously here at Sprigs. In addition to choosing green service providers when possible, we also make a lot of our clothing from organic or recycled materials. For example, our line of organic yoga clothing and our recycled banjees wrist wallets. In fact, we have a section on our website dedicated to environmentally friendly products; check-it-out: http://sprigs.com/eco-products/

These are just little things we do on a daily basis to help preserve the earth for future generations, but little things add up and make a big difference. What little, outside-of-the-box things do you do? Share your ideas with others in the comments below.

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