Yoga Journal Conference, New York: We were there. Were you?

Sprigs booth at Yoga Journal Conference

The New York Yoga Journal Conference for 2012 has come and gone and frankly, we’re a little sad. Sprigs had a booth in the marketplace. We were as busy as can be, but we managed to have some fun.

So, what made the event so great for us? The people of course – both the attendees and the other merchants in the marketplace. As one of my colleagues said on her Facebook page, “Nicest group of customers I’ve experienced in all my years in business.” And I’d say the same about the other vendors. If anyone needed a pen or ran out of credit card slips, someone was sure to lend a hand. Now, if there was only a way to spread that kind of energy to the rest of the world…

During classes, the marketplace would slow down which freed me up to walk around and chat with other merchants. My favorite ice-breaker was “What’s your surprise seller?” Some companies had no surprises (VitaMixer sold a lot of blenders apparently,) but for some there were surprise winners.

We weren’t terribly surprised by what products of ours were popular, but we were excited (and a little filled with pride) over the enthusiasm with which our Yogi Arms were received. One customer was elated and called them, “The yoga clothing accessory I’ve been waiting for.” Also popular were our yoga pants, Aspen Cardigan Wrap, and of course our organic infinity scarves.

Also not surprising is the cross-over between yoga and running. We sold an extraordinary number of Banjees Wrist Wallets. Some of the buyers said they would use them when commuting to a yoga class, but others mentioned running. To quote another customer, “This is the perfect wallet for running!” And I agree with her. Slipping my Banjees on has become a regular part of my morning routine.

But enough about me… Tell us about you. Did you make it to the Yoga Journal Conference? What were your personal highlights? What did you think of the marketplace? What new thing did you find that you were surprised by? Me, well I have to admit, I am hooked on Honey Drop’s honey-sweetened teas.

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