The Joy of Getting What You Want – What do You Want?

As the father of a three-year-old boy, I am constantly receiving little lessons. This weekend my son showed me the pure and absolute joy of getting something you really want – in this case, a Thomas & Friends Roundhouse and Turntable.

A little background:  my son is a really good boy. He is well behaved, sweet, sensitive, caring, smart, verbal and funny. He loves Thomas and Friends videos and toys. One of his favorite things to do is watch YouTube videos of people recreating or even creating new Thomas stories (user ThomasWoodenRailway is consistently a favorite.)

This weekend my wife stumbled upon a local boy who has outgrown the Thomas phase and was selling his tracks, trains and destinations. We bought a bunch of stuff including the Deluxe Roundhouse and Turntable which we gave my son when he awoke from his nap. He was THRILLED! So thrilled upon first seeing it all he could muster was a guttural laugh. He played with it for 2 hours straight and would have continued until he passed-out if it weren’t for us insisting he stop for dinner. And after dinner, well, let’s just say bedtime was not easy last night.

So what was the lesson I learned from this? The joy of getting something you really want and more importantly, having it live up to your expectations. At Sprigsville, we aspire to create innovative products that people will want to use, and more importantly, live up to their expectations.

With that in mind, I want to use this blog posting as an informal poll on what you want our next email newsletter special to be. Currently, we’re considering:

Leave a comment with your vote. And if you aren’t interested in any of these, feel free to suggest a different product – think of it as a write-in.

4 responses to “The Joy of Getting What You Want – What do You Want?

  1. I think the hooded cover up dress is perfect. April vacation is right around the corner and warmer weather is here! Women will be searching for cute cover ups for the beach!

  2. Banjees – so people have a place for their phone and cards once they shed their winter coats. I’ve found that I can’t keep my phone in my back pocket with kids. Every time I bend down to talk or play, I’m afraid I’ll sit on my phone and crack it.

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