Worlds Colliding

So….there I was, having made it through a parent-teacher conference without either happy or worried tears, any kind of cliche mommy bragging, or fishing for praise of my child. I thought I was out of the woods of too-much-self-exposure. It was a new teacher we were meeting with, and the slate was blank. Perfect!
All went well, smiles and thank you’s, and then it happened.
The business card came out.
“Here’s my card, call me or email me anytime you want!”
Not thinking for even a second, I pulled up my arm sleeve, opened my Banjees wrist wallet, and put the card in.
“That is soo cool!!! What is that? Where did you get it??” the wide-eyed, awed and God-bless-her-enthusiastic-learning- nature teacher exclaimed.
“Oh it’s a wrist wallet. If I don’t put your card in here, I’ll lose it,” I responded calmly. No sales promo here. No URL-giving. Not gonna go there. I am a Mommy, not a Banjees promoter, here.
“Oh my gosh I need one of those! That is so awesome! Where did you get it?”
Oh, this poor woman. I can tell she really, really does need to know.
(Silent sigh inside).
“Here’s the website, and I wrote it down. Take a look and if there’s one you like I will bring you one.”
Super happy smile, happy teacher.
Is it true what they say, happy teacher, happy kids?
Well, I guess I did my part. Some Moms bring in cookies, some Moms volunteer on soup day. I bring in Banjees.
I am pegging her as a black paisley regular Banjees wearer.
It’s hard to separate work from life when you do what you love, and you love what you do. I accept this and even embrace it most times.
And I will accept my role as the Mommy with cool stuff and the Mommy who talks to the class on invention day.
It’s all good. It’s all very, very good.

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